Bill Sitler Recording Service
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CD Duplication

We do not press CDs, therefore we are limited to small production runs of less than 400 discs. Over 400 discs we can not be cost competitive.

We offer a CD presentation with a 4-surface booklet, inlay with end labels and a standard jewel case.   Each CD is professionally shrink wrapped to protect the case.  All printing is full color photo quality.  The disks are direct printed and resin laminated to provide a durable finish.  All printing is done using light-fast inks that will not fade over time.

All custom editing work, both audio and artwork is charged at the rate of $37 per hour.

Single Disk
Double Disk
$8.00 each
$12.00 each
25 - 99
$6.50 each
$10.00 each
$5.50 each
$8.50 each
$4.45 each
$6.70 each
$3.70 each
$5.45 each

Copyright Information:
Distribution of any recording is unlawful without written permission/licensing from the work's copyright owner and the performers involved. It is the responsibility of the person requesting duplication to secure the necessary permission/licenses when necessary.