Bill Sitler Recording Service

Recording Information and Fees

subject to MA sales tax

Performance Recording:
The base recording fee for a single CD performance (less than 74 min of actual program material) is $185, which includes the CD mastering, and 2 copies.  Please assume a single CD, unless you know you are over 74 minutes.

The base recording fee for a double CD performance (over 74 min of program material) is $240, which includes the CD mastering and 2 copies.

Fees may be higher depending on travel time to location.

The above fees assume a 2-track stereo recording.
Additional tracks for a live performance are charged per the following schedule:

1 track $25 2 tracks $50
3 tracks $75 4 tracks $100
5 tracks $125 6 tracks $150
7 tracks $175 8 tracks $200
9 tracks $225 10 tracks $250
11 tracks $275 12 tracks $300
13 tracks $325 14 tracks $350
15 tracks $375 16 tracks $400
17 tracks $425 18 tracks $450
19 tracks $475 20 tracks $500
21 tracks $525 22 tracks $550

Addtional tracks are charged at $25 per track

Multi-Camera DVD video performance recording in addition to the normal audio CD.  Your performance is recorded in HD video and mastered to a high quality wide screen DVD with CD quality sound.  Includes preformances up to 70 minutes in content length. Performances with over 70 minutes of content incur a prorated additional cost.
Two cameras:     $249 additional
Three cameras:   $370 additional
Four cameras:     $475 additional
Subtitles are an addtional $125

Payment of the base recording fee is required at the recording session.
Checks should be made out to: BSRS

Additional CDs and DVDs can be ordered at any time:
CDs are professionally mastered complete with Booklet, Inlay, label, and case.  I try to include photos of the actual performance (no flash).  I can also take pictures after the performance for the CD cover, if requested to do so.

Additional single CDs are $8 each.  A bulk order of 25 or more: $6.50 each
Additional double CDs are $12 each.  A bulk order of 25 or more $10 each
Additional DVDs are $12 each. 

Special On-Site Recording Sessions:
Special recording sessions have a base fee of $40 plus $60 per hour, including setup/tear down.
All custom editing work, both audio and artwork is charged at the rate of $45 per hour.

Fees may be higher depending on travel time to location.

Copyright Information:
CDs of concerts/recitals are made available for educational use only and I can only distribute them to students, parents of students, performers, composers, and faculty involved in the event.  Distribution of any recording is unlawful without written permission/licensing from the work's copyright owner and the performers involved. It is the responsibility of the person requesting a recording to secure the necessary permission/licenses when necessary.

It is not a problem, if you need to cancel a book recording.  Please try to let me know 24 hours in advance if possible.  Sometimes I need to travel unexpectedly, therefore I also reserve the right to cancel a booked recording without any consequence.  This seldom occurs, and will only happen due to circumstances beyond my control.