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Oktava MK-219 Modification

Modification Options for the MK-219:

1 - If you want to DIY, the electronics only mod kit is available - $48 for Standard, and $63 for Premium.  The provided Instructions just show part placement.
2 - The Electronics only modification service - $89, for Standard, and $110 for Premium
3 - The full modification service - $162, for Standard, and $185 for Premium

The 219 electronics mod kit contains all the components listed below. Detailed step by step instructions, like those provided with the 012 kit, are not included with the 219 kits. Pictures showing all the part placement are included. Modified Oktava 219

Major changes come from modifications to the body and capsule basket.  Just hold a 219 in your hand and tap the basket screen with your finger. You will hear it "ring" and feel the vibration in your hand.  As part of the modification, damping of the body, and isolation of the capsule, virtually eliminate this. The outer basket supports of the case are removed.
The capsule diaphragm resonator discs are removed.  One layer of capsule basket screening is removed.  This opens up the basket, minimizing sonic reflections and reduces some "ringing".  Normally the capsule diaphragm resonator discs are removed. This is optional, removing them provides a warmer more rolled-off top end,  they are intended to trap the high-freq and extend range. I prefer them removed.

All critical electronic components are upgraded to quality parts. Polypropylene capacitors are used in the direct signal path. The improvements in the electronics increase the high and low end response, flatten the response, increase detail, warmth, and provide a lower noise level.  

The low cut and attenuation switches remain functional on the 219, although I don't recommend using them.  All removed parts and components are returned to you (removed screen is not returned).

In Summary:
The body is damped

The outer basket supports of the case are removed

One layer of head basket screening is removed
The capsule is isolated from Vibration

The capsule diaphragm resonator discs are removed
Damping material is added at the base of the capsule
All critical electronic components are upgraded to quality parts

Replaced Components:
Q1 - FET Toshiba Audio
R1 - 1G MOX Thick Film Resistor
R2 - 1G MOX Thick Film Resistor
R7 - 1% Metal Film Resistor
R8 - 1% Metal Film Resistor
C2 - COG Monolith Cap
C3 - Tantalum Cap
C5 -  COG Monolith Cap
C6 -  COG Monolith Cap
C7 - Tantalum Cap
C8 - Polypropylene Cap
C9 - Tantalum Cap

A difference you can Hear!
"I just wanted to thank you again for mod'ing my 319. I was able to do more recording with the mic today and I have to say that I really love it! Before I had you work on it, I would take it out, give it a try on some tracks, and end up putting it back in the drawer and re-recording the tracks with a different mic. You've made this mic into one seriously great mic. Where the sound was muddy and distant even when practically eating the mic, it's now clear, yet with that nice, warm sound that the 319 has become known for. If this is what you call a significant difference, I can't wait to hear what you call a dramatic difference when I send you my 012's."
Juan Pineda

"I finished the mod on the weekend.  This was my first electronics project in a very long time, so it isn't pretty, but the results are amazing.  The thing I notice most is the difference on sibilant sounds.  The combination of physical and electronic changes removes the "esh"ing that I notice on most mics below several hundred to even a thousand dollars.  I used to have to put in de-essing plug ins to compensate.  Now I can just enjoy the sonic characteristics of the recording. There are other qualities that I'm noticing too - changes in the frequency range and the like - that I'm still getting my ears used to.  They're hard to describe, but make the recording far more pleasing to listen to. Thanks for all of your help."
Sean Mcgee

"I wanted to give you an update on the four 319's you help mod for me. To refresh your memory, I did the physical mods and you finished them off with the electronic mods. Anyway, I have used them for multiple purposes, two point stereo, guitar/bass cabs, piano, drum OH's, and more and they have performed very nicely. I have used them with some big dogs, i.e, Schoeps ccm4's, Neumann SM69, 103's 184's, AGK 460's Royer ribbons, etc, and they have fit right in. I can't believe that for so little money I've ended up with such a great mic. I bought four of them new for $79.00 each and after the mod I've got $200 into each mic. They certainly outperform this price point and much higher point. My next step is to make a damping corset, made out of leather, to wrap around the outside of each mic. I think this will really damp any resonance problems that remain and should look great, too. Finally, the proof is in the pudding. Almost all my recordings have at least two 319's in use and my clientele have thoroughly enjoyed their recording and have showered me with praise."
Raymond Ackerman
Recording Engineer
First Chair Recording
Center for the Arts, Homer NY

"Hi Bill........Got my mic and I love it. I had to do some experimenting at first as to how to position it. Before, I got a better sound straight up. Now I get a better sound having it hang down. The big thing I notice is the highs are super crisp and don't splatter when I throw a little EQ in post. The base is nice and tight and if I really get right on the mic, the (in your face) sound is probably the best I've ever heard. I take it that the spare parts are what you took out of it? Thanks again Bill. It really sounds awesome. I can't wait to show my friends who also have MK319's."

"Van Ritshie here. You recently did a mod to my MK319. You mentioned to me that the mic would get better as time went on. Let me tell you Bill, at this point in time I could not be happier. I've had a lot of compliments from people I do steady VO work for on how my spots are sounding. Again, thank you Bill for a great job."
Van Ritshie
Voice of The PGA Tour on
The Golf Channel

"Hi Bill, You did a terrific job! I am very pleased with the outcome of my Oktava 219 modification. I did a series of comparisons with my other mics which I think are very good microphones.  The Oktava mod is very in your face with enough upper mids to set well in the mix with very good articulation. For MY vocals, it really shined and I'm sure it will shine on acoustic instruments as well because of the emphasis on the frequency body were vocals and especially acoustic instruments live. Thank you so much for making me a great microphone. It's even better than I thought it would be....You ain't heard the last of me!"
Jackie Dixon

US domestic shipping is FREE regardless of the number of kits purchased.  Kits are available to addresses worldwide:  International shipping is a fixed $15 regardless of the number of kits purchased.

For the modification service, return USPS Priority Mail shipping is a fixed $12.50 for the first microphone and $5 for each additional microphone. This includes $250 insurance for each microphone. The modification service is available internationally, please send an email for a return shipping estimate.

Sales tax added to sales in Massachusetts.

If you do not want to use the shopping cart please send an email.  


-NEW- I now offer the Premium Modification for the 219 in a kit. The premium mod provides a slight improvement in clarity over the standard mod for those who want the very best.

Quantities can be changed in the shopping cart.

MK-219 Full Standard Modification Service - $162 - US addresses only
MK-219 Full Premium Modification Service - $185 - US addresses only
MK-219 Electronics Only Standard Modification Service - $89 - US addresses only
MK-219 Electronics Only Premium Modification Service - $110 - US addresses only
MK-219 Electronics Standard Modification Kit - $48 - US addresses only (FREE ship)
MK-219 Electronics Premium Modification Kit - $63 - US addresses only (FREE ship)
MK-219 Electronics Standard Modification Kit - $48 - with International Shipping ($15)
MK-219 Electronics Premium Modification Kit - $63 - with International Shipping ($15)

219 Boar

The electronics mod kit is only for the MK-219, which has a revision 3 board. Check your mic before ordering the electronics mod kit, to be sure you have a rev 3 style board.  If you find a different board layout please email me.