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Oktava Microphone Modification Services

For Microphone Modification Kits, US domestic shipping is FREE regardless of the number of kits purchased.  Kits are available to addresses worldwide:  International shipping is a fixed $15 regardless of the number of kits purchased.

For the modification service, return USPS Priority Mail shipping is a fixed $12.50 for the first microphone and $5.00 for each additional microphone. This includes $250 insurance for each microphone. The modification service is only available to addresses in the US, unless special arangements are made. Please
email for a shipping quote.

For the Modification service, please send your Mic(s) to the address below. For the 012, I only need the body and the capsule you typically use. This way the mic can be fully tested as a system before and after the modification. I do not  need the 10db pad or clip. If you send the mic(s) via UPS or FedEx please
email the tracking number. If you send via Priority Mail please email to let me know when you ship. 

Bill Sitler
Bill Sitler Recording Service
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